Earth has collapsed into an anarchic dystopia of poverty and violence. But who is this Kalki who is stirring a new hope? Would he, or she, be able to recreate human civilisation in the safety of the promised technopolis? But then again, can the human spirit be bottled up forever in the safety and comfort of an urban utopia? Which is why mankind reaches out to the stars – via Mars, Titan and Enceladus.

Chronoyantra is a both a sequel and a prequel to Chronotantra but can be read without too much reference to the previous novel. As the  prequel, it explores how civilisation has collapsed on Earth and how it tries to reinvent itself through the establishment of the Technopolis that will be governed by high technology. As the sequel, it shows how the Technopolis civilisation spreads out in Mars, Titan and Enceladus. But is this new civilisation a pure, carbon-based biological civilisation? What is the goal of this civilisation? Where do humans fit in, in its quest?

While a time machine is a physical impossibility, Chronoyantra is a cerebral metaphor that takes us on a grand tour to the edges of what is possible when man and machine, carbon and silicon, come together to explore what lies beyond both! As a sci-fi novel it will inundate the reader with a deluge of new, exciting and plausible ideas.

In this audio preview, the protagonist Shibu and his partner Vak have just returned from a visit to the past. Now they are meeting with their friends in Amluk Dara, a Buddhist Stup located in what was once known as Gandhar.